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Fence Gardening and Community

In the city, space is at a premium and lots of people want a vegetable patch but have no place to put one.

Since we're into vertical we started a vegetable garden for our neighbour on our fence!

The neighbour is enjoying it so much that we want to extend the idea and create a "fence community".

Now, it's quite amazing that the city of Vancouver actually provides a website that match-makes between people who need space to grow and people who have space, but need energetic help. Here.

The city also offers resources for people starting their own community garden.

In case you're wondering - what my take on all this is I have articulated my opinion here.

A southern corner grows enough greens to supply my neighbour with a salad every day!

Doesn't get fresher than that. Doesn't get more local than that!

Fences, traditionally, are protective constructs goaled towards including what's inside them and excluding what's outside them. But a Fence Garden turns the fence into an invitation. An invitation to get involved, whether in idea or indeed.

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