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A Short history of Invivo Design

In vivo - Literally, "in life". A term describing processes that occur within a living cell or organism


Invivo Design Studio was founded in Tel-Aviv by life partners Yael Stav and Gordon Glaze. Design research at the studio started by purchasing vertical vegetation systems from established vendors and assessing them for food production in our small Tel-Aviv Yard.


Invivo’s yard soon became a tourist attraction in it’s own right with weekly tours being conducted for sightseers regularly. It became a venue for instruction of vertical vegetation, permaculture and urban sustainability. The yard was inspiring in its methods and prolific in its yield.


After moving to Vancouver, Yael completed her PhD research on the social and environmental sustainability of vertical vegetation, and gained her certifications of a LEED Green Associate and a Certified Passive-House Consultant. Invivo has been involved in various community-based environmental sustainability projects in Vancouver, as well as the development and facilitation of many sustainability education programs.


The tree-shaping project (a.k.a Treenovations) is an exciting project that the couple spearheaded in Tel-Aviv. Together with the Fab Tree Hab it may hold a glimpse of the eco-houses of tomorrow.

The People of Invivo Design

Yael Stav Headshot

Yael Stav, PhD


Yael Stav completed her PhD in Sustainable Design from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) in Brisbane, Australia after graduating with a Masters of Design from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. 

Yael is a LEED Green Associate and Certified Passive House Consultant, with a passion for vertical vegetation, urban agriculture, permaculture, transition, and sustainability education. 

Gordon Glaze


Gordon is a seasoned inventor in the realms of plant genetics, horticulture and biotechnology. With over 30 patents to his name he provides innovation, creativity and experience to the team. Gordon is Yael's life partner and the father of their 3 children.

Mendel Skulski


Mendel is an industrial designer, winner of the Canadian James Dyson Award (2012), and former President of the Vancouver Mycological Society. Mendel is honoured to work with Invivo Design, in the service of twin passions for ecology and technology.

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